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Performance Enhancement Drugs For American Sports

The growing issue of performance-enhancement drugs in American sports today brings about an image that all performance drugs are unhealthy. However, not all performance enhancement drugs are hurtful. The real issue of performance drugs is medical need versus physical want. Moreover, performance-enhancement drugs should still be allowed but with restrictions. The first issue of performance-enhancement drugs (PED) and probably the most recognized PEDs are the use of anabolic steroids.†Ã¢â‚¬ ¦anabolic steroids may provide distinct benefit in size, strength, and stamina† (McCloskey). Anabolic agents are those that promote the growth of muscle, while androgenic agents are those that promote the development of male characteristics such as a†¦show more content†¦These elements remove all of the excess water that the body may be holding. Use of diuretics can not only it can lead to great weight loss, but it can also dilutes the urine which causes drug test to come up neg ative even if the athlete is using illegal drugs such as marijuana or cocaine. A final supplement that one may use is Creatine. Creatine is a nutritional supplement that basically makes it so more water goes into ones muscles during a workout. â€Å"Some athletes use creatine to try to improve their performance in sports that involve short muscle bursts of intense activity† (Robinson). Creatine is probably one of the safest supplements out there if fact, it is offered over the counter at stores such as Costco or the local Nutrishop. Although it has not really been tested, there have also been no complaints about this supplement. Now like every other aspect of the world, PEDs do come with positive and negative effects. Positive effects of PEDs are, for one, they help the body build muscle faster. This makes the individual stronger with less effort. Some performance enhancing drugs also increase muscle mass; performance enhancing drugs give athletes more energy and increase end urance. â€Å"Athletes turn to stimulants, supplements, steroids, and human growth hormones (HGH) for a variety of reasons [†¦] Athletes may seek chemical help in making their training more effective or in helping them fight off fatigue and soreness

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Why Does Sexual Assault Increase In Army - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 2 Words: 537 Downloads: 3 Date added: 2019/02/20 Category Law Essay Level High school Tags: Sexual Assault In The Military Essay Did you like this example? Much of the preventative measures of the Army is teaching how to understand consent and to know that sexual harassment and assault are not tolerated. However it should include the topic of why it happens instead of just how to stop it. The three key foundations in which give desire to people to sexually assault are cultural influences, learned behavior and false biological justifications, and thus the main objective in preventing sexual assault in the army should be to address â€Å"the complex interactions between learning, biological, and cultural factors.† (Gannon A.T. Ciardha C.O.) Studies suggest that a large percentage of perpetrators were at one point a victim of sexual violence themselves. In regards to that, the third primary cause of sexual violence is learned behavior. This is defined by a persons childhood and how a guardian or mentor has treated the subject of sexuality. The most negative influence on an adolescents future perspective of healthy sexuality is to abuse or harass them, in particularly with expressive sexual intent. Such abuse can cause the individual to develop around the notion that sexuality is an aggressive or inherently evil subject. The SHARP program should include the ability for soldier to seek aid with victimization and to rehabilitate them regardless if the incident occurred prior to enlisting. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Why Does Sexual Assault Increase In Army" essay for you Create order Rape culture is a serious causation of sexual violence. It is defined as â€Å"an environment in which sexual abuse is prevalent and in which sexual violence is normalized and excused in media and popular culture.† (Tolliver L.) This type of society is apparent in scenarios such as objectifying individuals, accusing victims, and characterizing a gender with unnecessary requirements (manhood/ womanhood). This impacts many in the army and measure should be taken by greater enforcement of equality and understanding of who’s fault it is in an incident in SHARP briefs. It is theorized that a reason for sexual violence is that it is a favorable quality in reproduction. The theory explains that the reason it is a trait is because through evolution, males who asserted rape consistently with many females had higher chances of many offspring, therefor passing down the genetic coding for the trait. However, the more highly recognized/respected theory stating this is false, debunks this concept by questioning then why sexual assault occurs against adolescence, mentally impaired and males. Two concerns arise; One, that the notion that males inherently assault should not be the general understanding, and two that even if the original theory were true, it should not be used as an excuse that sexual violence is acceptable. This should be addressed in SHARP classes to cease the ideology that it is natural and excusable. In conclusion, much of the issues is how soldiers impact and influence fellow soldiers. If we can eliminate the misunderstandings of sexuality, child abuse and traumatization, and negative attitudes towards gender through extensive insight on these through SHARP programs. Sources Gannon A.T. Ciardha C.O.,(11 July 2014) Psychological Theories Related to Sexual Violence and Abuse. Retrieved 14 August 2018, From Tolliver L., Snyder C., (Updated Daily) What is The Rape Culture. Retrieved 14 August 2018, From

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Australia And Australia s Optimum Population Level

The argument surrounding the unemployment rate in Australia, in relevance to Australia’s optimum population level, has been often heavily debated; whether Australia has reached its optimum population remains particularly contestable. However the real issue for Australia has been in regards to the Labour force. Job availability has steeply declined over the last decade which has prompted the government to increase the migration intake, through the skilled migrants system, to provide companies and industries with the labour force that they require. According to Stimulus A, the increase and peak in the skilled migration and into Australia from late 2009 would indicate the government pushing for skilled migrants into Australia. Due to the†¦show more content†¦While this may seem an extremely viable and beneficial option for the government, the inclusion of the 457 visa and the substantial increase of migrants to work in required areas of work would impact negatively on t he economy; the Household, Business and Government sectors would be hit the hardest. Productivity in the economy would strengthen for only a short period of time and would result in the diminishing of international competitiveness with the eventual deflation of the economy. While 93% of 457 visa holders surveyed in the 2006 report on Temporary Skilled Migrants were found to have managerial, professional, associate professional or skilled trade occupations; the influx of migrants, regardless of skill, would disturb the natural increase in population in Australia. The implication of skilled migrants would act as the ageing population problem would – It would further push back the likeliness for young Australians to gain employment, contributing to the unemployment issue in Australia, and not solve the density population problem at all. This is because the 457 visa is temperate and so the inclusion of skilled migrants into areas were Australians wouldn’t want to work isn’t actually providing incentive for Australians in the Labour Force to move where the jobs are. If

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Park Hyatt Hotel

Question: Write an essay on Park Hyatt Hotel, Sydney. Answer: Park Hyatt Hotel, Sydney is one of the most famous hotels in Australia, located on Harbor side overlooking the Sydney Opera House. It is an 8 minutes walk from the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia ( 2016). The hotel is combined with an elegant restaurant with a relaxed eatery, a cocktail bar, spa, roof top pool and steam room. In spite of having such attractive arrangement, the hotel is facing issues to keep their productivity high because of recruitment and selection issue. Not only in Park Hyatt are most of the hotels in the country hit by staff turnover issue as according to (Bryson et al. 2013), hotels is Australia lose about 51% of their employees every year as found by a recent study conducted by Griffin University Queensland. A benchmarking study of turnover indicates that an average turnover rate should be around 15% per year; however, the data collected by Griffin University is three times higher (Riley 2014). This major issue directly comes from the human resource department that must be minimized in order to gain satisfactory productivity. Background of the issue It is very important to select right people for the right job in hospitality industry as it can have a great deal of impact on the overall capability of an organization and its capacity to achieve strategic goals and objectives. Especially in hospitality industry, personal knowledge and skills of the employees play a major role in developing an organizations competitive advantage. In hotel industry, competitive advantage is achieved through customer services; therefore, this area requires the selection of high quality staff (Crawford 2013). This is the area where Park Hyatt Australia has failed to respond appropriately, as it is hit by high staff turnover rate. As selection of staff is a very time consuming, costly and complex process, Park Hyatt is forced to invest the same to recruit new employees to replace the ones who have left the organization. The direct cost of staff turnover is also hampering Park Hyatt and the resultant gaps are preventing the organization to achieve the goals and objectives. Impact of employee turnover (voluntary and involuntary turnover) on Park Hyatt As a result of high turnover rate, Park Hyatt Australia is facing several internal issues in its organization. High Cost High turnover rate is bothering Park Hyatt Australia as it losing an employee is forcing the organization to go through the recruitment, selection and hiring processes all over again. When the organization is getting a group of new employees, it has to train them again, which is again costing time and money (Chang and Madera 2012). On the other hand, a new employee cannot deliver the same sales or production results as the former ones; therefore, Park Hyatt has to wait for those employees becoming fully functional. Low Morale High turnover rate has generated a sense of low morale in the company as organizational culture is being hampered. Organizational culture is the shared norms and value of a collection of workers who work together. It is getting tough for Park Hyatt authority to motivate its employees to share their vision and to execute at high levels as colleagues and co-workers are disappearing all around them. According to Bryson (2013), workplace relationship is the primary key to an employees job satisfaction. When associates and colleagues are leaving, remaining employees are forced to cycle through the procedure of getting to know new recruits. Poor Performance As a result of high turnover rate, it can be said that the primary level of experience across Park Hyatt is lower than it otherwise would be. Because of high turnover rate, the company is forced to conduct recruitment processes repeatedly, as a result new employees with less knowledge and less experience is coming in the business. They are taking a great deal of time to understand the organization and its goals and objectives. Until then, their performance is not meeting the expectations of the organization and resulting as poor performance. Frustration of Management Managers of Park Hyatt are getting irritated with the constantly revolving door of workers. For example, a supervisor is putting so much effort in training a group of employees so that they can work to meet the organizational goals and objectives. However, those employees are leaving the organization within few days and joining any other rival company (Bryson 2013). As a result, the manager will have to train another group of employees who will be freshly recruited and his rival company will have the competitive advantage for the employees who are trained in Park Hyatt. Distraction This one is considered as the worst effect of high turnover rate that requires immediate focus to be fixed. As Park Hyatt is investing too much money and other resources to correct high turnover rate, they are unknowingly taking their business from diversity, marketing to new customers and improving on performance. Reason of high turnover rate in Park Hyatt Among several reasons of high turnover in the organization, four major reasons are mentioned here that are forcing the employees to resign. Motivated by higher pay by other organizations Park Hyatt will have to understand that, does not matter how much someone loves working an organization, he will consider leaving the same if he is offered with a better offer. Hotels such as Crown Metropol Melbourne, Shangri-la Hotel Sydney and Sydney Harbor Marriott are offering a better package to its employees; therefore, Park Hyatt and other hotels experiencing high employee turnover rate (Crawford 2013). In addition to better pay and benefit compensations, some hotels are offering additional options such as flexible schedules, remote work rights, on-site fitness options and discounts on services or travel. Employees are not engaged It is also found that the employees of Park Hyatt are not engaged with their job well enough. They are not good in seeking out challenging work; they are not good at resolving and finding solutions for complex problems, they are not interested in offering support to other colleagues and they are not interested in the organizations unstructured training and development opportunities (Chang and Madera 2012). In spite of looking in these factors, the authority of Park Hyatt is only trying to promote their business by exhibiting their decoration and wide range of services they are providing. They are not realizing that adding number of services is not enough if the service providers are not interested in their job. Poorly managed workplace Most of the employees are leaving the job voluntarily due to their relationship with direct managers. According to Bolander and Sandberg (2013), if work relationship are positive and motivating, employees will accept average and sometimes low wages. Without that, it is obvious that employees will have a wandering eye. Impact of the issue (Case Studies) In order to understand the issue of employee turnover rate precisely, some case studies are provided below, Case study 1: In Australia, the largest and number one Pizza chain is Pizza Point. Its competitive advantage lies in the quality of its products and services. However, recently a survey has shown that the customers of the organization are finding the quality of the foods in the menu inconsistent. Besides, they are also complaining that the service has also become unsatisfactory. The strategic human resource management team of the organization has stated that the only reason behind this issue their weak selecting and retention process. It is true as the organization only retains 20 percent of its employees pet restaurant. Rest of the employees is dismissed only after three months of work regardless of productivity. Case study 2: ABC Security Agency is also dealing with the same problem where the issue is much more serious that Pizza Point. ABC security has more than 2,000 security personnel serving to provide superior services to a thousand clients. In the process, whenever a client complains about the incompetence and inefficiency of their security personnel, the organization immediately terminates that employee without even listening to him. As a result, the work force of the organization is going down repeatedly, which in turn bothers the customers more severely. Besides, when the organization is recruiting new hires, they deploying them without offering proper orientation and training; therefore, the quality of services are falling down drastically. Best Practices for recruitment and analysis What to do In the hospitality industry of Australia, the best practices of recruitment and selection are known as Merit System Principles. Successful hotels of Australia such as Crown Metropol Melbourne, Sydney Harbor Marriott, and Grand Hyatt Melbourne are experiencing comparatively low turnover rate because of this merit system (Dmitrieva et al. 2014). The process of merit system principles is mentioned below, Within this system, selection and recruitments of qualified employees are done from all segments of the society where candidates who will serve at advanced positions will be selected based on merit. Employees must be treated fairly and equally without considering their political affiliation, race, religion, sex, marital status and disability (Bolander and Sandberg 2013). Equal payments must be provided for the employees who are assigned to perform same tasks without even seeing their experience and background. High standards of integrity, conduct and concern will be shown for the public interest. Employees would be managed efficiently, effectively that helps, and organization to retain and separate employees based on their performances (Chang and Madera 2012). Training systems and performance development sessions must be included in the workplace in order to educate and train employees to gain better organizational and individual performance. Human Resource Department will have to evaluate the skills and accomplishments of the current employees. HR manager will have to make a list of the employees who are not performing well and will have to motivate them to join training sessions that will improve their current skills. Recommendation Managing Involuntary turnover Involuntary turnover takes place the authority of Park Hyatt terminates the services of an employee for several reasons; however, the main reason is layoffs (Bolander and Sandberg 2013). In order to prevent such terminations the organization can implement a proper employee assistance program. Employee assistance program This program will help to figure out the employees who are experiencing performing problems for some reasons that are out of their control such as drug addiction, illness or financial distress. The primary employee assistance program will provide Park Hyatt and organization-funded referral service to external experts who will be responsible for developing a rehabilitation program to the referred individuals (Riley 2014). The referred employees will have abide the discipline process provided to them; however, the fail to abide those rules then they will be subjected to dismissal. Employee assistance program will work best if the program is clearly described to the employees by handbooks, managers and other supervisors are trained to figure out the signs of employees who are in distress and can understand the referral process, workers are trained in the processes of self-referral and the employee assistance program is evaluated yearly in terms of quality of the service, its effectivene ss and overall cost. Outplacement counseling Within this process, the employees are helped to improve their knowledge and skills, which will help them to realize that these are transportable to other contexts (Dmitrieva et al. 2014). Park Hyatt authority can use this process on a group of employees to help them to assess their current position, establish plans for action and evaluate their actions in supportive but challenging atmosphere. Managing Voluntary turnover The human resource department put a great effort in respect to fulfilling the vacancy with a most sincere as well as suitable employees. This effort consists of greater contribution of investment as well as physical participation. In this context the human resource management greatly focuses on reducing the voluntary turnover of the employees. There are mostly several crucial steps which will be highly ensure that the firm will be benefitted by a reduced rate of voluntary turnover amongst the employees. These steps are discussed below: Park Hyatt restaurant must put emphasis on developing an impressive environment that will encourage the employees to be trustful as well as free to the other colleagues. This way the communication between the employees will be open and thereby the organization will benefit an enhanced information sharing capability. At the same time, the employees will be motivated to continue their work in the organizations it will generate a sense of belonging as well as homely ambiance. The employees need to be trusted with greater responsibilities so that they can relate with the success as well as various problems of the organization. On the same note, the employees will be able to feel superiority among the workplace and thus will attempt to stay in their designation. The continuous feedback along with recognition will generate an ample amount of motivation which will bind the employees with the organization. The continuous appreciation from the organization will encourage them to continue thei r job. In the same context, Park Hyatt restaurant must put a greater investment in respect to enhancing the abilities as well as skills of the employees. The professional training session is most effective mean of developing the personal and professional skills of the employees. In addition to that, the innovative as well as state of the art technology will highly attract the employees. They will feel obligated to work in this kind of modern workplace in comparison with the other organization. The effective and healthy work life balance approach will also ensure that the employees will be intrigued enough to adhere with the work system of Park Hyatt restaurant. The organization must focus on the matter that the employees dont get overly stressed from the work load. This has the critical tendency to turn down the employee motivation quite substantially. In addition to that, Park Hyatt restaurant also must keep in mind that the employees will always be looking for ambitious opportunity in their career. Therefore, the organization must be focused for maintaining the market position with aggressive marketing approach. Moreover, the organization must make aware the employees that they have a effective chance to make thir career growth within the organization. In order to do that, Park Hyatt restaurant must keep promoting the in house employees those are efficient as well as experienced. Furthermore, the company must facilitate an impressive remuneration system to their employees so that the employees would not have any grievance regarding their pay structure. Attractive incentive system will efficiently enhance the chance of implementing this particular remuneration system. Conclusion At the end of the study, it is clear that Park Hyatt hotel of Australia is also facing issues with the turnover rate of the employees in the hospitality industry is increasing slowly but steadily. There are several reasons behind this issue; however, the problems in the recruitment and selection process are considered as the primary reason, which is causing the damage and influencing employee turnover rates. The higher authority of Park Hyatt will have to understand the situation, and they will have to bring a huge change in their human resource department. The changes will not only include new systems and tools that will cultivate better results while motivating and training employees, but will also bring in new human resource personnel to empower the department with more manpower and ideas. In the above study, some best practices of other hotels of Australia are provided by which they are able to recruit employees who are gaining enough motivation to stay with the organization; how ever, it is also important to adapt some other strategies to reduce the turnover rate of the organization. Therefore, a recommendation is also provided where some strategies are mentioned that the organization can adapt. References Bolander, P. and Sandberg, J., 2013. How employee selection decisions are made in practice.Organization Studies,34(3), pp.285-311. Bryson, J., James, S. and Keep, E., 2013. Recruitment and selection.Managing human resources. Human Resource Management in transition, pp.125-149. Chang, W. and Madera, J.M., 2012. Using social network sites for selection purposes: An investigation of hospitality recruiters.Journal of Human Resources in Hospitality Tourism,11(3), pp.183-196. Crawford, A., 2013. Hospitality operators' understanding of service: a qualitative approach.International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management,25(1), pp.65-81. Dmitrieva, N.V., Zaitseva, N.A., Kulyamina, O.S., Larionova, A.A. and Surova, S.A., 2014. Scientific and Theoretical Aspects of the Staff Recruitment Organization within the Concept of" Talent Management".Asian Social Science,11(3), p.358. Riley, M., 2014.Human resource management in the hospitality and tourism industry. Routledge. Abington. 2016.Park Hyatt Sydney | Luxury Sydney Hotel in the Rocks. [online] Available at: [Accessed 15 Jun. 2016].

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Making friends free essay sample

Making friends is one of the most crucial factors in our life. You need to learn how to read people and their personalities. You dont want people to think that youre not interesting, or that youre way to interesting. Here are three ways that can help you make friends easier. When you first meet a person, you have to figure out how your going to approach that person and introduce yourself , and if you would like to be friends with that person.If your in the work place you would naturally approach them and talk to them bout sports or maybe their hobbies. If outside of the work place, you could casually ask about their day or weekend. You need to continue to make small talk and things will then go naturally. The next step would be to figure out a way to keep running into that person. We will write a custom essay sample on Making friends or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Even if you left them with a great first impression, Its hard to call them a friend if you dont keep visiting with them. Friendships are built on quality time spent together.The last thing you must do is meet up with them out of work. Meet at a local bar, exchange contact information such as social networking, phone numbers and addresses. Meeting all the time do to different activities creates quality bonds and new memories, but most Importantly creates new friendships. Furthermore humans need friendships. If you follow my three simple steps of creating friendships by approaching people and Introducing yourself, making yourself available for small talk and lastly by trading contact Information. You will never be with out a friend.

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Watching horror movies Essay Research Paper Example

Watching horror movies Essay Research Paper Example Watching horror movies Essay Paper Watching horror movies Essay Paper Horror film as the name suggest. watching such a film. which will dismay you so much that it will raise your hair and feel you so scared that you will experience afraid to kip entirely tonight. A horror film depicts gross outing faces to frighten people. An agreement of such sort is form at assorted points in the film. that a individual feel so amazed and so excited that fright enter his/her head and psyche. Through horror films. an effort is made to live over the worst incubus of the common people in such a existent manner that every spectator feels himself or herself involved in the film. Some common characteristics of the horror films are shouting. hurting. running and fast breathe. Watching horror films ; a portion of human nature to bask chilling feeling: Some people love to watch horror films. Others wish to see horror film but are scared to watch it at dark. Actually it’s the nature of every human being to experience assortment or convey alteration in life. Some takes bold stairss and makes it go on. While other attempts to look weather but are coward from inside to do efforts to convey alteration in life. WRITER. 2. Horror films are merely like an effort to assist a human being feel that assortment alteration in life. And that feeling is called acquiring scared. In the modern twenty-four hours life when every thing is so controlled and safe to utilize and populate about. It becomes hard for us to experience panic of anything. Actually the whole narrative starts from the yesteryear when worlds used to populate in forest. they use to run and many a times get wounded during their Hunt. That panic in the head of homo is still alive and in some people it’s overpowering. Some animate beings like Lion. tiger. wolf and others still don’t like their nutrient to be thrown at them when they are behind Fe bars. They get lazy. bored and even unhealthy without runing for their nutrient. Similarly worlds besides like to experience frightened. of class non to the extent of runing for nutrient. but genuinely for enjoyment intent merely. Due to this ground merely some dare people go for bungee jumping. falling from the skies or plunging in the ocean. While others who have a limited or low push of acquiring a chilling feeling travel for assorted drives at wonderland Parkss. And eventually for those who can barely take that chilling feeling goes for watching a chilling film. Therefore watching horror film helps a individual to bask his/her push for acquiring scared. WRITER. 3. Benefits of watching a horror to different people. otherwise: A figure of benefits can be tracked down every bit following to calculate out why people truly watch horror films. 1. To convey assortment in life and enjoyment: Peoples who are tired of their day-to-day busy agendas watch horror films to gustatory sensation and bask the feeling of being acquiring scared. This helps them to catch their deadening day-to-day agenda and believe on an issue other than their office work and household tenseness. That issue may be life and decease. bad and good. true and lies etc. 2. Addition religion in God: As about all the horror films has the same subject of god’s indomitability over Satan. Therefore some people watch horror films to corroborate and increase their religion in God. Their belief that even if the power of evil additions manifolds. our last resort and that is god is ever at that place to command and get the better of immorality and protect us from the agonies that may go on due to Satan’s misbehaviors. WRITER. 4. 3. To corroborate their belief that offense wages: Many of horror films are based on the wickedness or offense committed by some individual. That offense may consequences in agitation of psyche of the dead and that in return that peculiar psyche takes retaliation and makes that individual wages for his/her wickedness or offense. Thus the lesson of the narrative in many horror films is that offense wages. And this is what we are told from our birth and this is what we want to corroborate once more and once more by watching horror films. 4. Wishing about acquiring scared of darkness and cryptic topographic points: Many of the people who are already scared of darkness and cryptic topographic points easy believe in the narrative of the horror films. When a horror film takes scene in darkness at cryptic topographic points like old palace. dark forest etc. so it is really easy for some people to fell in quarry of panic through this film and this confirms their panic for darkness and cryptic topographic points. 5. To corroborate the misperception about gross outing faces: Finally when we see some people with non so good or may we state gross outing faces. so we believe that individual may be evil and he/she possesses supernatural powers to ache others. This may happen in existent life due to some hormonal job. WRITER. 5. For case. some people have hair on their face. some have six fingers in their manus. or even some people have big pess. All these brings bad ideas in the head of a common adult male and by watching horror films that bad thought additions strength and we start believing in such stereotypes believing. Decision: In the terminal. people watch horror films. to convey assortment in life and enjoyment. to increase religion in God and to corroborate their belief that offense wages. Not merely that people like acquiring scared of darkness and cryptic and eventually to corroborate their misperceptions about gross outing faces and its ownership of supernatural powers. Mentions: 1 ) Understanding the Popular Appeal of Horror Cinema: An Integrated-Interactive Model. Online publication day of the month: May 13. 2004. Journal of Media Psychology. Volume 9. No. 2. Spring. 2004 by Glenn D. Walters. Ph. D. . Federal Correctional Institution. Schuylkill. Pennsylvania. 2 ) Why Do Peoples Love Horror Movies? They Enjoy Bing Scared. ScienceDaily ( July 31. 2007 ) 3 ) hypertext transfer protocol: //healthinfo. slimsdaily. info/ ? p=7 4 ) hypertext transfer protocol: //www. queendom. com/advices/advice. htm? advice=482 5 ) hypertext transfer protocol: //www. sciencedaily. com/releases/2007/07/070725152040. htm

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Network topology design & layout Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Network topology design & layout - Essay Example The company will also need two WWW servers so that one is for its internal management and another for external users. Furthermore, a mail server will also be crucial in this case. For the sake of ABC company security, it is crucial that outsiders should not gain access to the internal CVS or internal WWW servers whatsoever. For a start-up open source software company as the company ABC, it would be a great challenge to fully implement an effectively secured network. In this study we therefore purpose to realize the company with the above specifications. Below is a graphical representation of the network design layout. It is very risky running an entire company on a personal computer. The ABC Company needs to watch over servers that handle the web based systems with advanced expertise. Such servers in this case include CVS and WWW servers. In terms of security assumptions, it is important for the company to make its security appear good as argued by Cheswick et al (2003) that this is enough to deter attackers. It is also important to make simple security arrangement since complex things are harder to comprehend and might even be nightmare to their designer (Cheswick et al, 2003, pp.5). For a young company as ABC, it would be inappropriate to use huge security-sensitive programs because in most cases such programs have acted as sources of security problems. Furthermore, the companys network designer must keep security assumptions in mind and see to it that the security is an integral part of the original design. Let us begin by considering this typical policy: Internal users are trusted, and with permitted Internet access they are able to initiate ongoing TCP connections, issue DNS queries, be able to run ping trace-route and set their clock aided by external time server (Cheswick et al, 2003, pp.5). Secondly, the outsiders should not be able to initiate access to the internal world.